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The hostel in Brazil started to have different rules for which people intend to help for the INSS. Approved in 2019, the reduction of Community Diligence instituted changes in the time of collaboration, the minimum age to stay, the amount of monthly collaboration and the guess of the amount to be received. In this interplay, the hiring of private diligence plans became an alternative for people who want to scrape themselves from the uncertainties of the public system and complement the hostel.

Private due diligence plans are capable of being classified as closed or open. The closing due diligence concerns the benefit collection, in which companies contract plans for their employees. In such cases, however, staff are generally not free to exchange their contracts and are dependent on the contracted institutions. Open due diligence, on the other hand, can be hired at any financial school and arranges for more freedom. This is explained by Arnaldo Lima, director of Public Techniques at Mongeral Aegon (MAG). “Individuals are able to have 2 paths, via complementary diligence, which is a benefit fund for companies and public entities, and, similarly, in open diligence. In the latter, there are both PGBL and VGBL.”

The professional also points out that, in the post-reform period of the Diligence, it is necessary to ask for ways to complement the hostel, since, in order to have a greater advantage, the collaboration time is similarly greater. “With the drop in Community Diligence, individuals will have to help longer to have a greater advantage. This is what we call the replacement rate. Before the discharge, this rate was 92%. For example, if you earned R$1,000 on your last salary, you would receive R$920. In more countries, this rate is between 36% and 60%. The smaller the replacement, the greater the urgency for individuals to complement their hostel. Individuals will have to ask to supplement their income and this generates positive effects for the economy”, he argues.

For Arnaldo Lima, when judging in admitting a private process, some points need to be analyzed. “ Which form, VGBL or PGBL, taxation and your investment profile. In Brazil, many people think that the application of due diligence is only in fixed income. However, nothing prevents individuals from having a fresher or more dynamic profile”. According to him, although from the perspective of low profitability of the current fixed income, it does not mean that the current interest rate needs to remain as it is.

The choice for long-term investments, he justifies, is a similar word in the sense of a financial autarchy and is recommended for any individual “who wants to help himself with invalidity, death. Private diligence can admit it. The individual becomes autonomous about what he wants from his futurity. Private diligence needs to be for everyone, not just the elite”, points out Lima. According to him, it is necessary to promote the introduction of social security, “since the State cannot do everything. However, it is surprisingly fundamental in the country for us to advance in financial pedagogy.”

PreparationFinance professor at the Getulio Vargas Consolidation (FGV), Henrique Castro similarly considers it necessary to judge in the hostel In view of the government’s daily reforms, it is necessary to be skilled, he advises. “Judging at the hostel is a decision that has to be taken in the past. Everyone delays staying and, for that, it is necessary to have an income. In recent years, we have investigated a daily of reforms and what is evident is that the fall of last year’s Diligence was not the last. Knowing this, there are several ways (to stay). One of them is making a private due diligence plan.”

The professional points out that “some individuals make investments on their own, applied investments, thinking about a hostel. And they do it outside of that system of private diligence. It’s something that requires more discipline, you have to designate fun or do it manually. However, applying it this way, it is much easier to tinker with this feature than a due diligence plan. Specifically for people who show little discipline.”

The first thing to note in the plan, according to Castro, is the waving fee charged by the financial school. This, he explains, varies a lot and there are more costs, such as the reel. “Several institutions are abolishing this, however, before, we had enough. It’s good to know if and how much. We have low interest rates, now, however, if the snake school has a high rate, it takes part of this profitability. On the bright side, stagecoach plans show portability. That’s why, sometimes, you can change it, when you see a chance”, he says.

The plan’s portability between institutions is free and allows the customer to opt for better conditions, whenever he/she believes it is necessary. However, the choice is not usually widely publicized and many customers are not even aware of the feature. “The school does not disclose this as it is not profitable for them. The moment you depend on the school, you find yourself hostage to it. It is necessary to be connected”, pay attention to the trainer.

Investment well beyond fixed income

In the open stage, the choice between PGBL and VGBL has to analyze with the profile of the party. The abbreviation PGBL stands for Unoccupied Advantage Parent Program and it is one of the main forms of investment in private diligence in Brazil today. The plan is recommended for people who do the full explanation of Income Tax and want to attack up to 12% of the gross annual taxable income. In this form, the IR is levied on the full amount redeemed or on the income received. The VGBL — Life Parent of Vatagem Unoccupied — is recommended for those who make a simplified explanation of the IR.

“PGBL and VGBL are 2 very different plans and this makes you see which profile you fit the most. PGBL is for people to declare IR in full format, for those who use the deductibility to lower the annual tax. VGBL no longer has this eventuality. It would be able to be recommended for more simplified IR models. You constantly have to make an account and attend with a professional. VGBL is more for people to make a lot of effort”, explains the finance trainer at Consolidação Getulio Vargas (FGV), Henrique Castro.

Another disagreement to be noted is taxation, which can be regressive or progressive. In the regressive relationship, the party starts to pay little taxes as time changes, as the professional explains. “In the regressive list, since the money is in the plan for more time, I pay little tax when I start making my withdrawals, at the hostel. Let’s say, today, in 2020, if I’m going to stay with the plan for several years, more than 30 years, 20 years, the money, today, as it will stay within the plan for several years, with the change of time, it will fit in a decreasing percentage. It is much more worthwhile for people to have more horizons. (In the relationship) Progressive is like the salary, growing according to the value of the advantage or the capital that will be redeemed”, he explains.

Risks In the contracting cycle, it is similarly necessary to adopt what type of application will be made. Keeping the goals in mind, it is necessary to evaluate the lines to be taken. “You can have a more conservative, more daring diligence fund or a happy medium. At the moment you contract these plans, you hire the one that has the most agglutination with what you intend to declare. By the time you are young, you may be in a little more danger. However, as you approach (the hostel), the orientation is to attack safer, more conservative businesses”, he says.

Nos dias de hoje, vários planos de diligência são flexíveis e não obrigam o parte a aportar recursos todo mês. Essa é uma proveito da diligência privada. É o que esclarece Carolina Oliva, crítico de Diligência da Spiti. “Nesses casos, você não possui obrigação de colocar recursos todo mês. Se você passa por dificuldade cobiçoso — a gente está falando de 30, 40 anos, isso pode ocorrer —, vários planos estão flexíveis, efetivamente. Por isso, diligência privada não é uma coisa especial de uma bocado da clube ”, ressalta.

Para a profissional, o ideal é que os investimentos sejam diversificados a fim de reforçar a rentabilidade e não sujeitar-se somente de um tipo de investimento. “Se você possui muita asco a perigo, vai ter um retorno menor e pode ter a rentabilidade comprometida. Você pode agredir na renda fixa, porém há vários tipos de renda fixa. Isto tudo pode ser realizado dentro da diligência. Mesmo que queira ficar no Repositório Direto, possui uma série de opções. O ideal é que essa diversificação vá além da renda fixa”.

Several financial institutions offer long-term simulators so that customers know how much they will have after several years of collaboration. In Carolina’s assessment, using the simulators is profitable. “I think it really pays off for individuals to make use of the simulators available at companies and financial institutions. To have the rudiments of how much they need to attack to reach a given goal. If I am going to attack R$ 100 per month, how much will I have in 30 years? It helps a lot to analyze if you need a route adjustment, find out if it’s a great idea to migrate to more investments, for example.”

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