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Right-wing activist Sara Giromini, similarly known as Sara Winter, was the target of harsh criticism and became one of the most talked about subjects on Twitter this Sunday (8/16) after posting a video on YouTube in which she positions herself in opposition the practice of abortion in a 10-year-old child who became pregnant by an uncle who raped her from age 6 onwards. The court authorized the abortion, which should be performed in Escolho, since doctors at Dom Benevolente, where the child lives, refused to perform the technique.

In the video, Sara defended that the abortion should not be carried out since, according to her, an individual with access to the child’s exams stated that it is a preparation of five months. She also released what would be the first name of the child victim of sexual violence, criticized the doctor who was willing to embody the abortion and also provided the address of the hospital where she is hospitalized.

One of the criticisms of Sara’s stance came from the professor at the Faculty of Brasília and bioethics professional Debora Diniz, who has been closely following the case. “The fanatical girl pocketnarist with the torches left the grid. To carry out a crime that was also more boring: she took a video of fortune about the 10-year-old child, claiming to know her name. Name her. Please, don’t publicize the video. It’s a child, not an ideological feud,” wrote the anthropologist.

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