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Public servant Eduardo Castro, 29, considers only one place in the world without the risk of the coronavirus: the bedroom itself. From the dependency access to the outside, he assesses that the danger is constant and protects himself. Just leave the fake room, carrying the alcoholic drink in gel and keeping as much distance as possible from everyone. He lives in Vicente Pires with his parents, who are facing the covid-19, and the nun. At the house, they divided the place and adjusted the daily lives of each one so that they do not come into direct contact. The parents are almost recovered—it’s been two weeks and they don’t feel any more signs. The closure, however, continues until a new test is carried out.

Most of the time, he works from home—specifically now that his parents are sick; however, in situations where he needs to go to the service in person, he is constantly using face-shield, carrying an alcoholic drink in gel and, when he intends to drink water, he goes to the external sector, as far as possible from the individuals. When he gets home, he quickly changes his clothes and goes straight to the shower. He doesn’t see his fiancée, who lives in Manaus, and his colleagues from March onwards. But he believes that this is the best way to preserve everyone’s safety. “It’s been complicated, of course, I miss going to the café with my colleagues, going to Jardim da Município to run, analyzing my fiancée. It’s complicated, but I managed to grasp that this is the new existence, that it’s no one’s crime,

All safety attitudes are similarly taken by Hellen Andrade, 38, biomedical and mother of 3; Manuela, the youngest, was born on July 15th. Only a few days after its appearance, the oldest children began to deliver signs of the coronavirus. Hellen soon isolated herself with the newborn and began chanting precautions to avoid her infection. She and her consort ended up contracting the virus similarly, but they took all possible actions and managed to prevent the younger one from getting infected.

According to the Ministry of Health, there is no evidence that the coronavirus is emitted by kindly breastfeeding. Thus, Hellen began to sanitize, with an alcoholic drink in 70% gel, her hands, limbs, neck and mouthpiece all occasionally, before breastfeeding her, in addition to the constant use of falsehood. Manuela in no way brought any signs. The mother, however, had shortness of breath and developed pneumonia, which reached 25% of her lung.

“My biggest fear was that the baby would spoil, I would break and they would be left without a mother. It was very complicated throughout the puerperium, when hormones no longer favor us. It has sleep suppression, you don’t rest, I used to show up taking a bottle of medicine, and I was also afraid to show up producing milk or not. These were endless and desperate days. I used to breastfeed my daughter, sometimes crying,” says the biomedical doctor.


Protective attitudes against the coronavirus are the essential tool in the battle against the pandemic dating from the current perspective, according to experts. There is no treatment for the disease, nor vaccine that generates immunization. “While we do not have treatment, an antiviral that is efficient, and we are waiting for the vaccine, we have to preserve prevention and control attitudes. It is a disease that we also know very little about, preventive attitudes are essential”, assesses infectious disease physician Julival Regato.

The prospect of the pandemic in the Federal District is dramatic. This week, the capital registered record covid-19 deaths for 2 consecutive days — 47 deaths on Tuesday and 54 on Wednesday. “What is happening is the fatigue of the health system. We are seeing a very high rate of invasion of clinical beds”, analyzes the trainer of epidemiology at the Faculty of Brasília (UnB) Wildo Navegantes.

Sensitive individuals

Despite the worrying numbers, most individuals were also not bred to the coronavirus, according to experts. Furthermore, the perspective is questionable, also very little is known about covid-19. In relation to the protection acquired by those who have already been infected, for example, durability is unknown. Nevertheless, Julival Regato affirms that all the researches done so far show that there are no cases of reinfection by the coronavirus.

“There is no research published in the world on reinfection. Therefore, in all cases that are presumed to have reappeared reinfection, as was the case in South Korea and further research, these viruses were not viable, that is, the patient did not have reinfection. But we also don’t know how long the protection you generate post-covid lasts. And nobody knows, either, when the post-vaccine protection will last. In this way, we are doing research”, says the infectologist.

Different countries and pharmaceutical companies are currently developing different types of vaccines. All are also in testing phases to confirm efficiency. There are similarly elements subsequent to the understanding of the researches, such as fabrication in slack size and subdivision, which will similarly make the evacuation of the input to individuals a more complex mission.

For UnB’s immunology master Andrea Maranhão, even if the protective personality of vaccines does not reach levels of 90% or 100%, it will be possible to elapse in the battle against the disease. “By achieving 40% to 60% (efficiency), you can renew the course of the pandemic, reduce the circulation of the virus and this will cause a difference that is socially significant when surrounding the infected. In order that, not having so many people hallucinating at the same time, the hospital barga can allow for the freight. Even when it does not have such perfect efficiency, it would make a difference in the epidemiological facade”, he analyzes.


While the vaccine does not come, nevertheless, the only way to avoid the infection is through health protection attitudes. Professional Wildo Navegantes highlights, however, the difficulty of this occurring among more susceptible individuals. “In some places, individuals can perform community distancing, the use of alcoholic drinks in gel and falsehood; but in more, no, even since there is no evidence of access, several times. And it is for these more fractious individuals that the government should be favoring not only health, but community assistance”, argues the epidemiologist. “It is not bearable to preserve the reopening as we have historical complications in the DF, he adds.

The Health Department states that there is a stabilization in the number of cases and that the propensity is that they will soon begin to fall in the Federal District. For Julival Regato, it is necessary to be diligent, while knowledge does its work in the strength of slowing down the transmission of the coronavirus. Until then, it is necessary to preserve oneself covered and lookout. “We are also dealing with the battle, we didn’t win. And we are just going to have this battle with two businesses: a medicine and a vaccine. It is better to adopt all preventive attitudes until we have these 2 existing ones.”

Take cover

Check out the main attitudes for prevention and control of the coronavirus:

» Distancing and community enclosure » Correct use of masks; it is necessary to hide the nose and mouth and use the material within the time of determined efficiency » Crush the falsehood properly, without supporting it on surfaces that may be contaminated » Constant hand sanitation, using 70% alcoholic beverage or water and decomposure » Preserve ventilated environments, with air circulation, so that suspended droplets fall to the ground » Allow preference for activities in unoccupied air » Common cleaning of surfaces

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